Accent Reduction

Whether you are seeking to reduce your accent slightly or eliminate it all together we offer a proven systematic approach that we tailor based on your current accent and goals. Our goal is to help you achieve flawless articulation, intonation and word stress to make your social and business communications easier and more effective.
During the first session we will discuss your goals and I will record you reading a simple passage. After which I give a thorough analysis of your accent compared to the American accent. We will begin working on a couple key areas in the first session so you can see how I work and hear some results. The following lessons will focus on sharpening your consonant and vowel articulation and address the intonation and syllable stress of American English. Final sessions will note your improvement with audio feedback from earlier sessions and focus on effective speech and communication skills for your profession.

I hired Lisa to reduce the accents of eight team members. She has helped a lot. I am very appreciative of her work. I can see and hear a difference in my team, which helps them and in turn helps my whole company do better. A great return on my investment!
— Thomas Leung, CEO TMC Software