In today’s competetive market presenting yourself with confidence and clarity is a must. Even the most advanced public speakers fall prey to questioning their message and ability to influence their audience. Whether you are seeking public speaking skills, accent reduction, or leadership skills we can work with you to help you become the speaker you want to be.
Our mission is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each client’s public speaking and communication skills. To design individual programs based on these findings and cultivate a confident, articulate, and empowered speaker. By offering training in these areas we hope to increase our client’s self confidence, professional development and personal growth. Below is a list of recent clients.

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Lisa Wentz

Lisa Wentz is the founder of SFVC, a communication expert, public speaker and accent specialist. Lisa regularly coaches speeches, presentation skills and accent reduction with executives and managers from Fortune 500 companies such as Adobe, Genentech, Google, Oracle, Salesforce and Symantec among others...

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Lisa Wentz, M.A. AmSat


Ms Wentz is featured as a public speaking expert in the publications below:

Wall Street Journal


Time Magazine




Triple Pundit


Daily Journal


French Connection SF


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